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Arrow Tech Employment Opportunities

Arrow Tech is a small business providing engineering services and analytical software products predominantly to the munitions industry. Our customers are prime contractors to the government and government agencies.

The successful Arrow Tech Associate is first and foremost a talented analytical engineer with expertise in at least one of the following disciplines:

  • Aerodynamics and more specifically Aeroballistics
  • Non-linear structural dynamics
  • Control theory or flight control system development
  • Small, medium or large caliber ammunition development
  • Guided munitions development

The successful candidate will combine technical depth in one of the fields above with the ability to develop high quality software for use in their own analyses and also for incorporation into our product software. This combination of engineering and software skills is our competitive advantage in the market allowing us to solve unique problems for our customers with great efficiency.

In addition, candidates must be self starters, have a track record of technical accomplishments, possess outstanding written and oral communication skills and be comfortable leveraging their reputation in the industry to win consulting business for Arrow Tech.

We are a small business and opportunities are few. We are looking for those who are recognized as being at the top of their fields. Generally speaking candidates would have 10 years of experience with a larger organization working in the munitions industry and would hold an advanced technical degree. On rare occasions there is an opportunity for a less experienced candidate who has demonstrated outstanding capability during college and their early work experience.

Our business is located South Burlington, VT. We are positioned to offer an excellent compensation and benefits program to the qualified candidate.

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