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Running PRODASV35 from a Command File Tutorial

This tutorial illustrates the functionality that allows PRODASV35 to be run from a command line. The PRODASV35 run itself is controlled by a PROASV35 script file. The script can be modified before execution by variable substitution from an optional parameters file. The command line includes both the script file and if appropriate the parameters file. The command line would typically be saved and run from a windows command file. The screen capture below shows PRODASV35 being launched from a windows command prompt. The run is controlled by the PRODASV35 script file xyz.pvb.

PRODASV35 script files are the heart of running PRODASV35 from a command file. Running PRODSAV35 from scripts within PRODASV35 has been available for some time. This tutorial will point you to the existing script help, tools and examples. The best place to start is however walking through this example which will provide a window into this powerful tool.

You will learn through this example:

Running PRODASV35 from a command file is part of the basic PRODASV35 package. This example runs only analysis modules which are part of the basic package so any user with either a valid PRODASV35 license or an evaluation version of PRODASV35 can work through this tutorial.

Tutorial example files

The tutorial example files include:
...\ProdasV35\ProjectileData\Examples\Macro\Std22withID.pr3 Example Projectile
...\ProdasV35\ProjectileData\Examples\Macro\testPRODASstartup.cmd Command File includes the command line to run PRODASV35 with the new command line arguments. This controls the example run
...\ProdasV35\ProjectileData\Examples\Macro\Macro_Example.pvb Script file that executes within PRODASV35 during the run
...\ProdasV35\ProjectileData\Examples\Macro\Macro_Example.dat Parameters File that dynamically populates variables before the script is run

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