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Lot Acceptance Test (LAT) Simulation

A statistical simulation for estimating the long term pass probability of Lot Acceptance Tests with various pass criteria.

Use LAT to simulate dispersion tests before expending valuable test resources.

Understand the impact of random variation on pass/fail probability.

Adjust sample size and acceptance criteria to design an effective test and eliminate "false failures".


  • Select from three standard dispersion measurement criteria

    • Sigma X-Sigma Y
    • Mean Radius
    • Extreme Spread
  • Enter Sample Size and Acceptance Criteria
  • Current (or expected) Projectile Performance

Five thousand (5000) LATís are simulated, and individual results are accumulated. Mean dispersion, dispersion standard deviation and probability of passing the test are output.

The standard deviation in mean point of impact (MPI) is also displayed to assist system engineers in assessing statistical variability of a burst center point as a function of ammunition dispersion and the number of rounds fired in a burst.

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