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Flight Controller Editor

Input your Controller Block Diagram using the Drag and Drop Editor

The Visual Editor contains a library of over 40 control elements
  • Inputs to the Control System Include:
    • Time
    • 12 Body States
  • Predefined Control Blocks include:
    • Gain
    • Summing Elements
    • Constants
    • Trig Functions
    • Multiplier Elements
    • Table Lookup
    • Triggers and Switchs
    • Boolean Logicals
    • Common Filters
    • Axis Transformations
    • Fixed/Body Transformations
    • Accelerometer simulators
    • Jitter Models
    • Quantization Filter
    • Square Root / Absolute Value
    • Signal Hold
  • Control Surfaces include:
    • Canards
    • Side Thrusters
    • Forces and Moments applied directly to the CG

You can copy and paste elements or even import complete control systems from other projectiles.

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