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In-Bore Balloting Analysis (BALANS) Tutorial

This tutorial provides an introduction to the In-Bore Balloting Analysis module (BALANS), and includes an example to demonstrate the use of BALANS to fully evaluate a design.

You will learn :

BALANS installation and configuration

This tutorial assumes that you have successfully installed PRODAS with the BALANS optional module on your computer and received a free evaluation key, or are a registered user of PRODAS and BALANS.

The evaluation version of PRODAS includes BALANS. It is fully functional but time-limited to 30 days.

Tutorial example files

The tutorial projectile file is available in the ...\ ProdasV3\ProjectileData\Examples\BALANS folder. If you want to follow along and start with a model without the BALANS analysis already built then use \ProdasV3\ProjectileData\Examples\BALANS\BALANS Tutorial_Start.pr3

\ProdasV3\ProjectileData\Examples\BALANS\BALANS Tutorial_Start.pr3 Projectile ready to begin BALANS Analysis
...\ProdasV3\ProjectileData\Examples\BALANS\BALANS Tutorial_Gun_Tube.pr3 Gun Tube model required for BALANS Analysis
...\ProdasV3\ProjectileData\Examples\BALANS\BALANS Tutorial_Finish.pr3 Projectile with completed BALANS Analysis

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