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Projectile Tracing Tool Tutorial

This tutorial provides an introduction to the PRODAS Version 3 Projectile Tracer Module (2007). The Projectile Tracing Tool allows the user to input a model or part or a model into PRODAS by identifying points on a bitmap picture.

You will learn how to:

Projectile Tracer Module Installation and Configuration

This tutorial assumes that you have successfully installed PRODAS with the Projectile Tracer optional module on your computer and are a registered user of PRODAS and the Projectile Tracer Module or have received an evaluation version of PRODAS

Tutorial example files

The tutorial picture file and example projectile are available in the ...\ProdasV3\ProjectileData\Examples\Projectile Tracer folder. If you follow along with this example you will use the projectile drawing in SCUD-B.bmp.

The example projectile, SCUD-B Example.pr3, was modeled with the Projectile Tracing Tool and the finishing touches were completed in the model editor.

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